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Hey kiddos, just dropping a quick post to some nifty links to stuff around town, and the greater internet suburbs.

First up, it was cool to see a list of 10 cool things to do around The Gravy Cave South aka Lodi, California, that listed my favorite place to score comics The Launchpad. If you’re in the Central Valley area, check it out here.

Looking for a cool monster comic? Check out Monstrous from Greg Wright, Ken Lamung and Travis McIntire. They have reached what they set out to on Kickstarter but that’s no reason for you not to check out the book here.

Over at the awesome Longbox Graveyard, Paul is taking a look at all the new #1’s from Marvel Comics. All of them. Stop by and check out all the reviews here.

It wouldn’t be a post from me without getting distracted by some sort of musical instruments or something music related. It what has to be one of the most talked about new gear announcements in ages, Korg is releasing an analog poly synth for about $500! Check out the specs, videos, and more over at Synthtopia.

I’ll be back with Omega: The Unknown and more soon. Love you, baby bird.


Holiday stuff!


The internet is busy still eating its own tail with some movie about Star Tours or something and why you should love it or why you shouldn’t and something, something, NOSTALGIA, THE FEELS, and I’m just hiding in the mountains. The Force Awakens after the jump, bitches!
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DMC and Comics: Secret Origins


Our homies over at Mr. Throwback Thursday had a special guest on their show yesterday, the one and only DMC!


It was a great talk, not only does he have a comic book of his own in the works, but he talks a lot about his own history with comics growing up. He goes into taking inspiration and using superheroes to give him the confidence to do his thing, and how he loved Marvel growing up because they weren’t in some fictional city, but New York, and how that resonated with him. That’s awesome enough, but it’s much more than that.

What really makes it a great talk is just his enthusiasm, after all this time, he’s still a fanboy. He gushes over the MC’s that inspired him, and is just so positive, and humble, you can’t help but smile.
Head over to or find them on Stitcher and iTunes.

Comics, Skateboards And Other Cool Stuff Around The Web


I just wanted to take a minute and do a quick post to some cool things going on around the web this week. Check ’em out.

Blackwood Cottage: The Art Of Jessica Stadtmueller– Check out Jessica’s awesome creations here and congratulations to Jessica for being featured in this months issue of Stuffed Magazine!

Rags & Old Iron– For some other amazing art, jewelry, and more check out this stuff from my friend Jen, including her amazing comics bracelets in her Etsy shop here.

Mr. Throwback Thursday– It’s not Thursday, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still throwback. Give Jamie and Bill a visit over at their site here and give a listen to their awesome old-school hip-hop podcast and more at their site.

Grape City Con– I’m very happy to see that Grape City Con was a success and the date for next year has been announced. The show will be Saturday, February 13th. Check out the announcement for the show and the amazing poster for the show here and if you’re anywhere near the Central Valley here in California, come on by.

Prophetica– I talked to Tim Mayer awhile back and you can check Prophetica, written by Vince Twelve, Pencils & Inks by Tim Mayer, Colors by Jason Wordie, and edited by Chris Wolfgang here and read it in your browser or as a pay what you want digital download.

RamshackleFifth Dimension Comics is back, to bring us Ramshackle: An Art Presentation, a 32 page book featuring a murderers row of contributors. D.N.S., Ray Wegner, Doug Michel, Shawn Daley, Timothy Conroy, Claire Connelly and John Bunger, combine forces for the book, and some amazing skateboard decks. Go here.

Creative Women Mini-Con 2015-  Empire’s Comics Vault in Sacramento is gearing up for their 3rd annual Creative Women Mini-Con on Saturday, October 3rd, They have a ton of talented women lined up including Barbara Kesel. (I just reread the Hawk & Dove mini, review coming soon) for a full list of guests and more information, click here.

And finally, my post about Keegan-Micheal Key and Dwayne McDuffie from September 5th, has in fact been confirmed, as seen here on Bleeding Cool.


Podcast Crossover Action


Until we drop a new episode on ye, you can check out some of the other shows on the High Voltage Radio Network there are a metric butt-load (see, I’m using the metric system after talking to the Wasted folks, thanks Canada) of awesome shows on the network. In fact, you could listen as I talk to Guy from Must Hate Zombies, where I undergo the post apocalyptic, dating game round of questions. We also talk music, the last days of my drinking and so much more here.

Or if you have ever experienced Dungeons, Dragons, or any combination of the two, go check in with Mad Mock. I hopped on with Mock, and Sean from Pittsburgh Nerd for a funny talk about D&D, spiked shoulder pads, magic missiles, and dating werewolves here.


High Voltage Radio Network


Just wanted to remind everyone that while we don’t have a new episode up yet, there are a ton of great shows on the High Voltage Radio Network whether you are looking for things from the nerdy side of the internet like Attack Of The Fangirls and Pittsburgh Nerd our family of podcasts has you covered. Music? Check out Mr. Throwback Thursday to get all your Wu-news and old-school hip-hop needs(I think I just busted my hyphen), but be warned, they cut my Mama’s arms off so she couldn’t kick it. Wait…I said it wrong. Sports? The Kings Of Sport got you covered. Video games? The Ebony And Ivory Cast is for ye. Are you a guitar player? A fan of guitar music? Have you ever snapped a G-string fingering a minor? Axeology covers all things guitar, from news to tech tips to band interviews. Maybe you want to pack a bowl, pour a drink and revisit Saved By The Bell, then check out Bayside High And DrunkFinding that special someone is hard, imagine how hard it would be in a post-apocalyptic world, check out Must Hate ZombiesMaybe you just want to kick it with your buddies and shoot the shit while discussing pop culture and reviewing brews, Mustache Cash Stash is funny as hell. And stay tuned for new stuff from the talented, amazingly fucking funny, and all around good dude Mad Mock. You have no idea how stoked I am to be a tiny bit of this amazing crew of talented podcasters. Go check out the page and give the shows a listen, and like High Voltage on Facebook.


Hey! You got some gravy in my zombie apocalypse!


I just wanted to say a huge thank you to wild man of podcasting, mad genius, hilarious dude, and legitimately good guy Mad Mock from Z-poc Nation for having me on the newest episode, and playing a clip of us talking about baby rentals. I first met Mock as a guest on the Axehole’s Lounge I did with Axeology a little while back and just about fell out of my chair when Z-poc Nation returned and he mocked the spelling of my name and called me a “communist” and referred to us as a couple of “fat, f*cking monsters,” Mad Mock gets it. He is a larger than life personality, like the best in talk radio, he is a podcast giant. We talked a bit about comics, Captain America and all that good stuff. Also on this episode Mad Mock, “Dooms” Dave, and Professor Paige run through the zombie apocalypse survival bracket along with more classic radio drama. Go check it out! You can find the episode on Stitcher, iTunes, and podomatic. Also go check out the Z-Poc Nation YouTube channel. Thanks again,