Attention artists! Let’s have some fun!


Happy New Year from The Gravy Age! Taking inspiration from a mistake I made this morning, I had an idea. Walk this way.

OK, here it goes, I would like to make the site more active and fun this year, and do something called What Does That Even Mean? or something like that. Here is how it would work, Chris and I will select an out of context quote from the podcast, or in the case of this first one, a tweet that had an awesome typo in it, and ask, “what does that even mean,” and then we post your drawings on a specific day.

Take my tweet from this morning. “An old west town, two cowboys ready to draw guys on each other, but they are chimps.” Naturally, I didn’t mean that, but it made it a lot funnier. So, I’m asking you, What Does That Even Mean? Are chimps drawing pictures of men on other chimps? Are men drawing chimp versions of men on each other? Are chimps drawing man-shaped pistols on each other in a duel? You show us.

The bad news is, we can’t pay you. The good news is, we will feature your art and link to whatever you want. If you have a project you want to promote, or if you are looking for work, we can do an interview and showcase your work.

The deadline will be next Friday, not tomorrow, January 9th. Send your interpretation to with the subject, “What?” or tweet with the hashtag #WhatGravy. Please share this post wherever possible so we can reach as many people as we can. This has the potential to be really fun and funny. I can’t wait to see what you do!


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