Key and Peele and Dwayne McDuffie


Since this is the internet, and more importantly, the comics internet, and there is nothing it loves more than speculation based on almost nothing, I’ve got something for ye. Follow me after the jump.

One of my favorite podcasts to listen to is You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes. Every week he talks to (mostly comedians) and the show is always fascinating. Funny, unexpectedly deep, and every episode leaves you with something that sticks around after it’s over. It’s a must listen show.

On the episode that dropped on August 12th, Pete talked to Keegan-Michael Key, who dropped a fascinating bit of family history. He talks about finding out he had a couple of brothers later in life. One of these brothers worked for both Marvel and DC. Who worked in animation. Who worked towards more representation of POC characters in media. Who passed away in 2011.

Now, to be fair, he never came out and said the name Dwayne McDuffie so that’s where the speculation comes in.

The thing is, is that it all adds up. I was hoping someone else would’ve picked up on this. I emailed Brian Cronin over at CSBG but never heard back. So I guess this is my crackpot theory. Although, if anyone could make a Ninja Thrashers short, wouldn’t Key and Peele do an amazing job?

Update: This has been confirmed as being true


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