High Voltage Radio Network


Just wanted to remind everyone that while we don’t have a new episode up yet, there are a ton of great shows on the High Voltage Radio Network whether you are looking for things from the nerdy side of the internet like Attack Of The Fangirls and Pittsburgh Nerd our family of podcasts has you covered. Music? Check out Mr. Throwback Thursday to get all your Wu-news and old-school hip-hop needs(I think I just busted my hyphen), but be warned, they cut my Mama’s arms off so she couldn’t kick it. Wait…I said it wrong. Sports? The Kings Of Sport got you covered. Video games? The Ebony And Ivory Cast is for ye. Are you a guitar player? A fan of guitar music? Have you ever snapped a G-string fingering a minor? Axeology covers all things guitar, from news to tech tips to band interviews. Maybe you want to pack a bowl, pour a drink and revisit Saved By The Bell, then check out Bayside High And DrunkFinding that special someone is hard, imagine how hard it would be in a post-apocalyptic world, check out Must Hate ZombiesMaybe you just want to kick it with your buddies and shoot the shit while discussing pop culture and reviewing brews, Mustache Cash Stash is funny as hell. And stay tuned for new stuff from the talented, amazingly fucking funny, and all around good dude Mad Mock. You have no idea how stoked I am to be a tiny bit of this amazing crew of talented podcasters. Go check out the page and give the shows a listen, and like High Voltage on Facebook.


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