Holiday stuff!


The internet is busy still eating its own tail with some movie about Star Tours or something and why you should love it or why you shouldn’t and something, something, NOSTALGIA, THE FEELS, and I’m just hiding in the mountains. The Force Awakens after the jump, bitches!

First off, apologies for the lack of posts lately, the holidays and family things have taken priority lately, and I haven’t had time to read or write or do anything. Just know that I love you, and you, and you! Unless you’re one of those creeps into feet.

Big thanks to Graeme and Jeff over at Wait, What? For finally getting around to The Horror of Loon Lake on their newest episode. They had some good stuff to say and some reservations about the book, but it’s cool to hear the book get talked about on a much larger platform than The Gravy Age and by some people who aren’t nearly as close to the book and some of the creators involved as I am. If you aren’t already a listener or reader of their site, go check them out here.

Not long after the awesome interview I did recently with Dale Lazarov (here) he had a new book drop, Sly. If you’re in the mood for fun comics with some killer art, and men loving each other with their wieners and butts check out the Sticky Graphic Novels page here.

If you are looking for something with 100% less penis and a lot more Christmas, Anthony D.P. Mann has released his own great take on A Christmas Carol featuring Colin Baker (Dr. Who!) as Charles Dickens and some great songs. It’s good stuff, I brought my copy of the DVD up here to watch with the family for Christmas. Check it out here.

Looking for some cool art? Stop by my pal Nicole Bresner’s Etsy shop and pick something up, she’s also open for commissions. She’s a talented artist, and always trying new stuff. Check it out here.

What about a cool new horror movie podcast? Check out the United Nations of Horror podcast, they are pretty new, but came out swinging with a kick-ass show, check out the recent Black Christmas episode and the others here.

And if you are looking for art, jewelry, that leans toward the macabre, along with some comics related things, check Rags & Old Iron here for some cool stuff including some Christmas ornaments here

Thanks again, and sorry for the lack of content lately, but there have been some sort of serious family things going on in my corner of The Gravy Cave and those things take priority. Happy Holidays!

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