DMC and Comics: Secret Origins


Our homies over at Mr. Throwback Thursday had a special guest on their show yesterday, the one and only DMC!


It was a great talk, not only does he have a comic book of his own in the works, but he talks a lot about his own history with comics growing up. He goes into taking inspiration and using superheroes to give him the confidence to do his thing, and how he loved Marvel growing up because they weren’t in some fictional city, but New York, and how that resonated with him. That’s awesome enough, but it’s much more than that.

What really makes it a great talk is just his enthusiasm, after all this time, he’s still a fanboy. He gushes over the MC’s that inspired him, and is just so positive, and humble, you can’t help but smile.
Head over to or find them on Stitcher and iTunes.

The 8-bit salute with Mr Throwback Thursday…On a Friday


I talked to my favorite old-school hip-hop podcaster, and veteran, Mr Throwback Thursday himself ,Jamie Robinson about the 4th Annual 8-bit Salute by the good folks over at Operation Supply Drop and rather than rambling through the intro all by myself here, let’s get down to the nitty and the gritty. (But, not The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band)

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