The 8-bit salute with Mr Throwback Thursday…On a Friday


I talked to my favorite old-school hip-hop podcaster, and veteran, Mr Throwback Thursday himself ,Jamie Robinson about the 4th Annual 8-bit Salute by the good folks over at Operation Supply Drop and rather than rambling through the intro all by myself here, let’s get down to the nitty and the gritty. (But, not The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band)

The Gravy Age: What is the 8-bit Salute?

Mr Throwback Thursday: 8-bit Salute is a 24 hour gaming marathon organized by Operation Supply Drop. OSD is a charity (501(c)(3) ) that helps wounded warriors and deployed sailors and soldiers get away from their daily routines by sending “supply drops” of video games and game systems

TGA: You have some first hand experience of how games can help deployed or wounded soldiers, anything you would like to add?

Mr TBT: Yes…having been deployed as a member of the Navy in both Gulf Wars (Desert Storm and Iraqi Freedom), as well as multiple other underway periods, you need something to help relieve the stress. The stress of being away from your family, the stress of war, the stress of living with the people you work with 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for months at a time. Also, having had 4 knee surgeries with months of recovery time…video games are sanity saviors. When you are stuck at home on the couch, all alone, unable to get up and move around….video games help keep your mind active when your body isn’t.  Simple little things like Super Mario Brothers, all the way up to the most recent Call of Duty, are enough to take your mind off of life for a while.

TGA: The drive isn’t just limited to video games right? The day of gaming can involve anything right? Card games? Board games? Pocket pool? Monkey Knife fights?

Mr TBT: Any and all games are included. I was actually planning a Monkey Knife Fight Tournament for the weekend, but couldn’t get it sanctioned in my area of Virginia. I haven’t given up my dream of Monkey Knife Fight Promoter as a second career since I have retired…but it will sadly not happen on the weekend of May 16th.

TGA: Where can people go to learn more?

Mr TBT: They can go to and click on the 8-Bit Salute banner.

TGA: SHAMELESS NETWORK PLUG TIME: HVR has a team this year, correct?

Mr TBT: YES! Although the entire team is slacking pretty hard. (Sorry, I’ll sign up shortly-K)

TGA: What is your goal for this year?

Mr TBT: My personal goal was $200.00, some lunatic on the team (whose name rhymes with Mad Mock) said the team goal should be $3000.00…so that is the team goal.

TGA: Where can people go to help?

Mr TBT: To the High Voltage Radio Network team page on the Operation Supply Drop website…right here, actually, plus there is a link somewhere on our website  (I think in the episode 66 show notes)


Very respectfully,

Jamie Robinson
BM1(SW) USN(Ret)

Go check it out everybody, Operation Supply Drop is doing a good thing, you don’t have to support your administration, but please remember the men and women around the world serving. And please share and share the post. Big thanks to Jamie for talking to me, definitely check out his podcast. He and Bill have a good thing going over there, and in their honor I will sign off with my Wu-name


Vizual Bandit


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