Sticky Graphic Novels!


I wanted to pass along a big announcement in (insert booming announcer voice) Gay Comics News from friend of The Gravy Age Dale Lazarov… Read on


NOW IT CAN BE TOLD!   I am delighted to announce the launch of Sticky Graphic Novels — a new imprint of Bruno Gmünder GmbH that’s expressly dedicated to publishing gay character-based, sex-positive, wordless graphic novels written and edited by yours truly (Dale Lazarov) and drawn by distinctive and evocative gay illustrators.  Sticky Graphic Novels will produce 2+ graphic novels a year to be published in hardcover and distributed internationally through Gmünder while simultaneously publishing digitally through Selz.  

It’s been a lifelong dream of mine to have my own book publishing imprint and I am very, very happy to increase my output in physical format to 2+ books a year.   Our first titles, coming out this fall, will be a hardcover edition of PEACOCK PUNKS (with art by Mauro Mariotti and Janos Janecki) and a 2nd printing, with the Sticky Graphic Novels branding, of GREEK LOVE (with art by Adam Graphite).  Coming up in the following months are PARDNERS (with art by Bo Revel) and the collected hardcover edition of BULLDOGS (with art by Chas Hunter and Si Arden).  And there will be more smart, wholesome gay graphic novels coming your way after that!

I’ll have more news about Sticky Graphic Novels in the coming weeks.  I want to thank our fanbase for the past ten years of loyalty to our creative output, especially for supporting  our digital publishing enterprise for the past two years.  This wouldn’t have happened without you.  I also want to thank Gmünder for being aligned with my vision for gay graphic novels that are a full expression of gay culture as well as excellent graphic novels in and of themselves.  Last, but not least, I want to thank all my collaborators, the illustrators and colorists whose daily contributions of art to my mailbox just add such a lovely quality of life.  Really, I am the luckiest gay comics writer alive.


Dale Lazarov
Writer/Art Director
Sticky Graphic Novels
An imprint of Bruno Gmünder GmbH
And check out
(NSFW gay content over there)

Spread the word, share please, Dale is a supremely nice guy (and website gold!) And congrats, Dale!

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