Good news, bad news, things around the web


Time to check in around the web with some friends of The Gravy Age to see what is what, who is where, and what’s going on out there. C’mon, Steve!

A little while ago, we ran the announcement of Sticky Graphic Novels, and their distribution online through Selz. I saw the other day that Selz has pulled their support of Dale Lazarov and his books due to pressure from their banking partner, despite very specifically telling him they wouldn’t be pressured in such a way. It’s a shitty move on their part, but I’m glad the story has been picked up by Bleeding Cool and others.I’ve been in touch with Dale over the last couple days, and honestly, this shitty situation just gets shittier on Selz’s end of things, to the point that they have closed his account, but are still charging him for their service. To do what little I really can, I would like to provide a link to his Amazon page where physical copies of his books can be ordered.

Our friends (and deciding factor in me ordering my Orange Crush 35RT amp) over at Fifth Dimension Comics, had not one, but two announcements drop. Welcome aboard Sean Fagan, can’t wait to see what you all cook up. They also announced a new project on the way, RAMSHACKLE, which knowing some of the talent already involved is going to be a must have.

And let’s wrap this up on an even higher note. I want to give a huge congratulations, and send lots of love to my favorite, blood-soaked, sisters from another Mister (stole that from their podcast) The Horror Honeys. They reached an amazing, and well deserved 425,000 page views. So proud of them, they are kicking dicks across the globe, I just wanted to say I love them, and they are amazing. They recently started selling Dollar Dreadfuls¬†on Amazon, short horror for a buck! For a limited time, to celebrate their awesome milestone, you can score Payback & Bad Things Never Walk Alone for free. Check our all the books here.


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