Review: Wild Bullets

Wild Bullets cover

Last night I got a chance to talk to author Greg Wright about Wild Bullets (listen here) and I wanted to take a bit of a closer look at the book itself, strap on your jet-pack, and follow me past the jump, and into the abyss.

Wild Bullets
Writer: Greg Wright
Art: Sean Seal, Jason Jimenez, Stephen Sharar, Joe Freyre
Colors and Letters: Sara Sowles
Editor: Travis McIntire

Wild Bullets cover

Wild Bullets

Wild Bullets is a one-shot from the Michigan Comics Collective (MCC from here on out) a Michigan based sex-cult, and collection of communist sympathizers nonprofit group of creators and retailers, who gather together to make comics, and to help each other create and distribute their own comics. It’s a fantastic idea, and a great example of the community that comics can create, both in person and online. People working together to help each get into making comics, to share experience and grow the community of something that they love. I’m all for that. You can check them out here. Anyway, onto the book.

Wild Bullets focuses on the Bullet family, parents Daisy and Bill, and their children, each one a pulpy adventure hero in their own right, gathering for a family Thanksgiving, that becomes a locked room murder mystery.

Introduction to the characters

Meet the Bullet’s

We get a section following each of the Bullet children, explaining what brought them here, and showing you a bit about their character. First up, is tough guy PI Steve Bullet, with dark, grimy, noir-soaked art from Sean Seal, who, aside from building a Michigan vacation home inside his colon, I cant express how much I love his art. And not just in this book, he’s the one I’m most familiar with, from Twitter and other books.

Sean Seal

Steve Bullet art by Sean Seal

Next we have a section with youngest Bullet sibling Kelly Bullet, with art by Jason Jimenez. Kelly is the archaeological adventurer of the group, and Jimenez nails the pulpy, fun, adventure tone of her story. All of the LeFun of Indiana Jones, with none of the LeBeouf.

Kelly Bullet

Kelly Bullet by Jason Jimenez

Next up is mad scientist, and recipient of the Wayne Static Award For Excellence In Vertical Hair (I might’ve made that last part up) Archie Bullet, with art by Stephen Sharar. This section so lovingly embraces so much of the retro, pop, sci-fi stuff that floats my gravy boat, I want more. Actually I want more of the Bullets period

Archie Bullet

Archie Bullet by Stephen Sharar

And last, but certainly not least is Minerva Bullet, the occult investigator with art by Joe Freyre, who wraps things up with the Lovecraftian, supernatural finale. Though unlike a Lovecraft story, we get a happier ending and some great cartooning by Freyre.

A special mention should be made to of the colors and letters of Sara Sowles, I really dig the little icons given to the characters individual caption boxes that let you know immediately who is doing the talking. It’s the marriage of pictures and words that comics accomplish beautifully, presented almost subconsciously,  that show that little bit extra of love and thought put into this book.

This book was an extremely pleasant surprise. It’s pure fun, start to finish and it makes me wish it wasn’t just a one-shot. But wait, what’s that you say back cover? The Wild Bullets are returning? I’m in. You can find the book on Drive Thru Comics by clicking here it’s the best $1.99 you’ll spend on comics in months. You can also check out the Wild Bullets over here.


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