Hey Axeholes, check this out!


Friday night I participated in my first multi-podcast hangout with Adam & Bryce from Axeology Guitar Radio, and a ton of other cool folks. When I say jump I want everybody in this place to jump.



First of all, I want to say big thank you to Axeology for having me on, aside from comics, I am a huge guitar nerd and I love their show, so thanks for having me on. Not a guitar player? Don’t worry, we talk video game soundtracks, Guardians Of The Galaxy, and all sorts of random stuff with tons of other cool folks. The episode can be found on PodOmatic, Stitcher, and probably other places too. Other podcasts represented included Zpoc Nation (not sure which link to insert here, the shown is returning shortly), DeadMen Talking, Were With All, Attack Of The Fangirls, & Evolution Of The Apocalypse. Apologies if I forgot anyone. It’s a fun episode, lots of salty language, so headphones are recommended if you are at work. Give it a listen, it’s fun stuff!


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