Red Angel Dragnet an interview with Eric Palicki



I took a quick moment to speak with Eric Palicki about Red Angel Dragnet a graphic novel in the last couple days seeking funding through Kickstarter. Tighten your belt, we’re about to jump

I won’t waste time with much of an intro here, the clock is a-tickin’ on this project.



The Gravy Age: First, how about an introduction, who is Eric Palicki?
Eric Palicki: Howdy. I’ve been writing comics for about ten years, beginning with the acclaimed webcomics series The Undertaker’s Daughter, with artist Wendell Cavalcanti. My biggest success has been the graphic novel ORPHANS, which was also self-published thanks to Kickstarter and which has found additional success thanks to comiXology’s SUBMIT platform. When not writing comics, I write technical documents in Columbus, Ohio, which is where I live, work, run, and eat vegan food.
TGA:  What is Red Angel Dragnet?
EP: RED ANGEL DRAGNET is an original 96 page graphic novel that tells the story of Chicago bookseller-turned-demon hunter Nate Reed. Nate has covered himself in protective tattoos based on the sigils and symbols found in the old books he sells, and he endeavors to destroy the supernatural forces that haunt his city. Realizing that the tattoos protecting him from supernatural forces outside his body would also protect him from forces inside, Nate has summoned a demon into himself, trapping it where he can draw on its power.
This first volume of R.A.D. finds Nate at the height of his power, but with his enemies about to spring a clever trap to steal it.
Polish-born artist Anna Wieszczyk is providing the illustrations over my scripts. We have a few other artists, including Harvey Award nominated co-creator of Hiding in Time Ryan Winn, illustrating back up stories.
TGA:  Based on the video on your Kickstarter page, the book looks amazing, tells us a bit about Anna Wieszczyk.
EP: Anna and I found each other a few years ago on a comics-related message board, when I was looking for an artist to draw another comic story I was writing at the time. She finished a few pages before Archaia recruited her to illustrate their title, LUCID, which was written by Michael McMillian, of TV’s True Blood. She had to abandon our first project together, but after she completed LUCID, we reconnected. She immediately jumped at the chance to work on RAD with me, and has been turning out pages ever since. She finished the first chapter of RED ANGEL DRAGNET last year, before pausing to work another book for Archaia/Boom! Studios, the excellent Interesting Drug with writer Shaun Manning, as well as Godkiller for Black Mask Studios (Godkiller #1 should be in comics shops next week, incidentally). Between those gigs, she’s managed to finish RAD, and here we are, trying to get our book out into the world.
TGA:  What is the goal of the Kickstarter?
EP: I paid Anna a page rate out of pocket for her contribution to the book, but we’re trying to raise nominal funds — $6,500 — to actually self-publish and distribute the book. In addition to the book itself — available digitally, or in softcover and hardcover formats — rewards include custom dice bags, tee-shirts, co-writing opportunities and autographed editions of my previous graphic novel, ORPHANS.
TGA:  How much time is left?
EP: Not much! Less than two days, and we’re only at about 65% of our goal!
TGA:  Where can people go to help?
EP: They can check out (Red Angel Dragnet)
Thanks for the opportunity!
Thanks to Eric for stopping by! Stop by and help him fund this book, it seriously looks awesome, and if you can’t help financially, share, share, share this interview and his Kickstarter. Thank you all from the heart of my bottom, and if you are a creator and would like to spread the word on your project, just let me know. We’re all in this together.


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