It’s National Podcast Day


Today, September 30th is National Podcast Day. I just wanted to take a moment to share some podcasts I dig with with you. Podcasting is often done for no money, and more often costs the people who do it money. Maybe you can’t give all the podcasts you love some money, but you can certainly let them know you listen and you appreciate what they do. I’m going to list a bunch of podcasts I listen to as my way of showing my appreciation to all these cool folks who have provided me with hundreds of hours of free entertainment. Follow me



National Podcast Day is here!

National Podcast Day is here!

Here are a few podcasts I listen to and love in no particular order, who deserve a shout out for National Podcast Day. Give them a click and listen, hopefully you find something cool. And if there are any shows you listen to, leave them in the comments.

Wait, What?– I will shout this show out from the roof of any building I can, Graeme and Jeff have a great, easy going tone and they talk comics for the most part. Come for the comics talk, stay for 2 extremely smart, funny guys, I’m a diehard Whatnaut. Biweekly, usually around the 2 ½ hour range.

Axeology– A kick-ass podcast about all things guitar. This last episode is a great talk about SRV. A good mix of music talk, tech talk and goofing off. Check out the previous episode where I show up and dig into some of their radio shows for some good jams. Weekly now 1-2 hours roughly. Crank it up.

Dark Angels & Pretty Freaks– Neil & Annaleis talk about their lives, it’s a very sweet and extremely funny show. They really are every bit as nice as they sound on the show. This show is literally everywhere, and deservedly so, it’s rad. Listen to the latest episode to hear me accidentally step on their Star Wars contest. Weekly, about an hour or so.

The Filmdrunk Frotcast Vince Mancini from Filmdrunk (the funniest movie site on the web) is joined by human giant Brendan, Brett, who will send you spiraling into an existential crisis, Ben, who taught us all how to #FROTSTRONG, and irregular regular Matt Lieb. Movies? Sometimes. Quicksand porn? Chinese BJ robots? Juggalos? Australians? Internet dating? One of the few podcasts that will make me actually cry (manly) tears of laughter. Weekly, usually about an hour and a half or so.

Kaijucast– Kyle and friends discuss Godzilla and all things Kaiju. Movies, music and more. One of my must listen podcasts. I also appreciate that the language is kept family friendly. Always full of information, awesome music, and pure love of monsters. Usually biweekly, usually 1-2 hours+.

You Made It Weird– Pete Holmes gets weird with folks, mostly from the world of comedy, digging deep into comedy, sex, and God. Always fascinating and funny, it is seriously amazing. Some stand out episodes include Pastor Rob Bell (which I was iffy about before I listened but he is amazing, I’m not a church guy at all) and the episode with Tig Notaro is just beautiful. I want to hug Pete Holmes for giving us YMIW, I love this show so much. Weekly, around 2 hours or so.

Horror Honey Radio– Kat and the amazing ladies from talk horror movies, special effects, books, TV, games, anything and everything horror. Women who love horror and always make me laugh. My horror sisters, I love them. Weekly, an hour or so.

Didn’t Read It– Sam, Matt, and Ben don’t read all their comics, and they freely admit it. I love these guys, I love this show. Weekly, under an hour.

ScreamQueenz Horror Podcast– Patrick talks horror movies and more. Horror, movies, music, TV, plays, and terrible, I mean terribly awesome jokes. I’m looking at you Scarlet Toehanson. Biweekly(ish?), gay daily, set aside a couple hours and enjoy.

Horror Etc– Tony, Ted and Sometimes Doug talk horror movies and more. They have a ton of episodes to dig through with director spotlights, episodes about film franchises, and theme episodes. A great show. Weekly, give it 2+ hours.

Raging Bullets– I really don’t read much from DC these days. Jim and Sean do. They have a fantastic DC podcast and even though I don’t always keep up with the books, I keep up with what’s going on over in DC land here. These guys love comics, and do great analysis. Weekly, they can go well over 2 hours.

Everything We Are Doing Is Bad– Carolina Hidalgo & Tiana Miller talk movies and other fun stuff. I dig this show, bonus points to the show for having a Ghostbusters 2 reference as a title. I think biweekly, usually under an hour.

Cake & Cookies– Katie is full of hate. Robb’s soul is darker thank a thousand midnights. Little to no cake or cookie talk. It is however funny as hell. Not just for fans of classic Don & Mike, or the current and also great The Mike O’Meara Show. Give it a shot, Weekly, give it 2+ hours, stay for the very end.

Amish Baby Machine– Just started listening to this show last week. They talk about a little bit of all kinds of stuff. It’s funny! Looks like a couple episodes a week, 30 minutes plus a couple minutes here or there.

The Mission Command Podcast– My LCS The Launchpad in Lodi, CA has a great podcast, or actually a couple podcasts talking about all sorts o’ geeky goodness. Go check ’em out, and if you’re ever in this neck of the woods stop by the shop, they are fantastic. Weekly regular episodes plus Graphic Content and Notice Me Senpai, usually about an hour.

Evolution Of The Apocalypse– Survival, zombies, movies, shenanigans. Just found them too, it’s fun stuff. Weekly, 1-2+ hours. Go check them out.

Green UP Gaming!– A super funny gaming podcast and more focusing on the Xbox side of the tracks. Another one I’m new to but really digging. Weekly or more, 1-2+ hours.

7 Days A Geek– A hilarious podcast about all things geek. Comics, movies, TV, tech. Just started listening, looks to be weekly usually clocking in at an hour and change.

Rachel and Miles X-Plain the X-Men– I can’t plug this show enough, if you are an X fan, or looking to get into the X-Men, the show will get you caught up on X characters, spin-offs, important stories and more. Also very inclusive to all manner of orientations and lifestyles. Except maybe people like me in recovery (I’m kidding, the Kitty Pryde drinking game is a genius idea, if you are reading those early Kitty Pryde appearances and playing the game, you are getting plowed. Let me know, I might steal your wallet while you’re barfing) This show kicks all sorts of ass, Weekly, under an hour. They also gather all sorts of great stuff to go along with the episodes, and great fan art.

Comics Therapy– Aaron & Andrea dig into comics, not as reviews, but finding a thematic similarity to explore in comics or life. They also talk to great creators, and pick the perfect song to go along with things. Love it. Weekly, usually under 2 hours.

Doug Loves Movies– Doug Benson and a rotating cast of comedians, filmmakers, and occasionally Leonard Maltin play hilarious movie based games. Chris and I have been playing our own version of the Leonard Maltin game online. Weekly or more, 1-2 hours. Me waiting until today to write this, is a shit-head.

WTF– I stumbled upon this show about a week or two after getting sober. It was incredible to find someone who was also a sober guy, doing something so funny and cool. Maron has amazing guests and I’ve found some killer music through the show. Do it up! Usually a couple times a week, around 2 hours or less.

Flame On!– A fantastic and hilarious podcast, I will every so often pop on the Jean Grey episode again because I like my X-Men discussions like I like my Hellfire Club, with a couple of queens. (*ducks tomato*) in all seriousness, if you listen to Flame On and don’t smile, just go away, you hate fun. Biweekly, generally 1-2 hours.

ChickCast– Cory, Leida, Julz and Alix talk geeky to ye! Go give them a listen. Games, comics, movies, TV, cosplay. Usually weekly, hopefully they are coming back soon, I miss them. An hour and a half or so.

How Did This Get Made– Paul Scheer, June Diane Rapheal, and Jason Mantzoukas watch terrible movies and make fun of them. I love the five star Amazon reviews they find, and June has some hilarious takes on things. Biweekly regular episodes with episodes in between to answer questions and make corrections. Just a bit over an hour.

Attack of the Fangirls– A new show to me but I’m really digging it. Looks to be biweekly, an hour plus a bit.

House To Astonish– Al & Paul are on hiatus right now, but go back and check out their episodes. Their Official Handbook Of The Official Handbook Of The Marvel Universe where they try to make the lamest characters from the OHOTMU into someone new are hilarious. Go back and listen, get caught up before the triumphant return. Generally runs in the hour and a half neighborhood.


I know I’m forgetting podcasts here, and I apologize if I did. Most of these are links to the websites, some may be Stitcher links or whatever else I could find. Like I said. tell me what you’re listening to in the comments, and to everybody I named, Thank You So Much.


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