24 Hour Game-A-Thon and FCBD


Not only is this Saturday Free Comic Book Day, but from noon on Saturday to noon on Sunday, The Launchpad will be hosting a 24 hour Game-A-Thon, which you can read more about here. For the entirety of that 24 hours, I will be there with a couple mics and allowing people to share their favorite stories and memories about David Phillips. For those who would like to share a story, or memory, but cannot attend the event you can send an email or a recording of your story to thegravyage@gmail.com or leave a voicemail on our voicemail (209)-625-9018.   Thank you.


The Magician: The Long Day Kickstarter is live!


I just wanted to take a minute and point you guys to the Kickstarter that just dropped for the new book from Fifth Dimension Comics, The Magician: The Long Day. 

Written by David M. Brown, with art by the mighty D.N.S. and letters and design by Robin Jones, The Magician is a violent look at the 70’s that drives into the dirt, grime, violence, and dark humor of professional killers, scumbags, criminals and more. Having gotten a look at things ahead of time, I can tell you it is disturbing, and funny, and well worth a look.

Check it out here.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice


Here’s the short version, from the mouth of my daughter as we were walking out of the theater, “some dude tried to get everyone to clap after the movie, but I just wanted to say the C-word.” After I stopped laughing, curiosity got the better of me, and I gave her permission to say it.

“I just kept watching the movie, and thinking, this movie is,” looks over both of her shoulders, making sure no one would hear her, and whispers, “crap.”

I was pleased to find out she has a different definition of the C-word than me. And she was right about the movie.

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It’s New To Me: Omega The Unknown #9 and #10


I’m about to dive into the final two issues of Omega: The Unknown, before the real end comes in The Defenders. As this is getting closer to the conclusion, there will be SPOILERS AHOY! After the jump of course.

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Happy 4th of July


Happy 4th of July from The Gravy Age, be safe, try not to blow off your thumbs or testicles tonight. New episode, interviews and more coming soon. Just spent a week up in the mountains while the kiddos had a day camp, haven’t had a chance to read anything at all. What’s coming up? A review of BCWYWF and something special involving our buds at Bayside High And Drunk and some Saved By The Bell Comics.
PS check out the upcoming episode of Axeology for a little song I did to test my Orange Crush 35RT and recording into Ableton with my DigiTech RP360 as a DI box lol

March’s Featured Pod: The Gravy Age


Thanks to Courtney over at The Game Huntress for featuring us

The Game Huntress

Boy do I have a podcast for you! Please read this article and then quickly jump on your computer, tablet or phone and grab the featured podcast, you know you want too!  This show really doesn’t need an introduction, Please get ready to read about another one of my favorite podcasts on the internet!!!

One quick update before you scroll down I have done an edit to these posts and I will no longer include Listener interaction because it’s too hard to get responses from people so it will only be me and whoever I am speaking with!

Alright lets jump in head first!

Introducing February’s Pick: The Gravy Age


Show Synopsis

Kris’s Response!

The Gravy Age is podcast about comics, or at least things comic book related. Usually. It’s also us taking goofy internet tests, and occasionally having picnics in the park. We also did a Gravy On The…

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