It’s New To Me: Omega The Unknown #9 and #10


I’m about to dive into the final two issues of Omega: The Unknown, before the real end comes in The Defenders. As this is getting closer to the conclusion, there will be SPOILERS AHOY! After the jump of course.

Part one is here.
Part two is here.
Part three is here.
Part four is here.


Continuing directly from the previous issue and the battle with Nitro, Omega is trapped in the wreckage of the warehouse. James-Michael, again showing some sort of connection to Omega, is having trouble breathing, and burning with fever. Omega frees himself and has barely crawled free when people start giving him crap for being a bad superhero, but in his defense, he isn’t really a superhero. As soon as Omega is free, James-Michael feels better.

Omega has hardly gotten his bearings when he sees a man accusing another guy (a teenager most likely) of stealing an apple. This quickly escalates from a shoplifting accusation, to the teen pulling a knife. The brawl is broken up, not by Omega stepping in to intervene, but by the two guys being blasted into atoms by Foolkiller! Gramps, after the death of Mamie, is happy to see some justice dished out, then he realizes Omega looks like he has been through a little something himself and they head home.



Back at the girls’ apartment, Amber decides after the excitement of James-Michael having his attack, needs a shower. She also says out loud that Richard is almost as sexy as a dead cucumber. Or maybe she means he is an ildoday. Richard is freaking out about the card he received from Foolkiller that says basically if he doesn’t repent he and his friends will die at the end of 24 hours. There is a knock at the door and Richard bravely opens it and begs Foolkiller not to kill the others, only it’s not Foolkiller. It’s the super of the building Guillermo, Amber runs out in a towel. Hijinks, I guess. He is barely out the door before the real Foolkiller arrives, or the new Foolkiller.

It turns out to be Richards old cellmate Greg, who decided to take over after all the talking Richard did in prison about Foolkiller. Plus, Foolkiller is a pretty self-explanatory name, he kills fools. What does Greg do? I don’t know about you, but I’m Gregging it up tonight. Where was I? Oh yeah, anyway, Foolkiller isn’t really there to kill Richard, and he blows a hole in their wall to leave. What a Greg.

Omega asks Gramps if he has any money, he has pretty much given up the strong, silent routine now. Omega goes strutting down the street to buy himself a nice suit. As he is nearly to the shop Blockbuster crashes through a window, after robbing a jeweler. For his part, he is done playing superhero, until he hears there is a cash reward to stop Blockbuster.



They duke it out, Omega gets hit by a bus (which as far as I know has now effect on James-Michael), and take the fight where all 70’s Marvel fights end up eventually, Rockefeller Center. Blockbuster escapes and stops to rest, naturally outside of Gramps’ place. Before he can attack Gramps, Omega jumps in the fray again, pretty ineffectively, and is on the verge of being strangled to death by Blockbuster. Again, we don’t know if this has any effect on James-Michael, it should though. Omegis saved though by the timely killing of the fool Blockbuster by Foolkiller.






Now, let’s take a look at the final issue of the series itself, Omega: The Unknown #10 was the last book before the series was cancelled, and Steve Gerber left Marvel. Last issue, things weren’t so awful in the world, this issue will remind you things in Omega’s corner of the Marvel Universe are effed up. Let’s start the book with a funeral for a child, shall we?



You’ll remember John for being beaten in the bathroom by bullies who attacked him for telling the principal of the school that one of them was responsible for an explosion in chemistry class. Except he and James-Michael didn’t tell the principal anything. The good news is he recovered and went back to school. The bad news is he dropped his pencil in class and someone kicked him in his ass, his stitches broke, and the ambulance didn’t make it in time because it got stuck in traffic.




Omega leaves the funeral, while James-Michael makes plans with Dian to run away from Hell’s Kitchen.

Gramps and Omega head out to seek their fortunes in Las Vegas, with Omega giving Gramps some sort of Zen like advice about becoming one with a slotmachine. Gramps winson his first pull.



James-Michael and Dian meet at the bus station, ready to make their escape. Back in Vegas, the now positively chatty Omega leaves Gramps at the hotel so he can fly out in the desert and enjoy a bit of solitude. His peace and quiet is interrupted though by an attack by a demon. Or Dibbuk as he is called.



Omega and Dibbuk fight with Omega seemingly victorious after blasting the creature and it disappears.

James-Michael and Dian have made it to their destination, back to Pennsylvania where James-Michael lived with his parents before they died. In Hell’s Kitchen, Amber and Ruth find James-Michael’s note explaining that he was leaving.

The house that James-Michael lived in stands untouched, it has special thermal sensors that would only allow the doors to open for his parents or him. James-Michael shows Dian his bedroom and leads her to his parents room for her to sleep in, she makes quite the discovery behind a sliding door. James-Michael’s parents, or another pair of robots that look like his parents.



Gramps and Omega are working their way through the casinos, making money with Omega’s system. They go back to to their hotel room to count their winnings, they have pulled together $55,000 so far. The celebration is short lived though, a mysterious woman knocks on the door, and says she is there to help them celebrate the ir good luck. And then tentacles come out of her forehead.



She escapes with their money, along with the previously seen Dibbuk.

Omega wakes up and finds the money gone, after making sure Gramps is still alive, he sets out to get his money back. We find out why he suddenly had such a bug up his ass about getting money all of the sudden. He planned to get enough money to get James-Michael out of Hell’s Kitchen. Little does he know that James-Michael has already gotten himself out there.

Omega tracks down the mystery woman driving away in her car and attacks her, and here is where the book takes quite a swerve. He trashes her car and…






Omega the title character of the book, the strange visitor from another world, the man that has fought The Hulk, Electro, Blockbuster, Nitro, El Gato, and his demon cats… is shot by the police.

And that is the last issue of the series. There is a note at the bottom saying that the story will be continued in The Defenders, and it was, two years later, after Steve Gerber was long gone from Marvel.


I know the book wasn’t a successful book at the time, but for people who were hoping for a resolution, they had to wait for two years. And then it didn’t come from Gerber and Skrenes. Oh and was there any payoff to any of this? What was the connection between James-Michael and Omega? Who was the mysterious woman? Why was James-Michael raised by robots?

I’ll be back to finish the saga of Omega: The Unknown soon.


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