It’s New To Me: Omega The Unknown #2 & #3


It may be new to me or it was, now it’s late. At least I won’t have this concluded two years later. Or will I?

Ah, when I planned on writing this series posts about Omega: The Unknown I had high hopes for this series, and I was truly, genuinely excited for the journey I was about to undergo. (Seriously, I was )
But a funny thing happened when I read this series, and the conclusion that finally showed up two years later in a different book, by a different writer. I needed time to process it and I’m rereading it again. It is an interesting book. It’s well worth reading, if you don’t mind being… Frustrated and with a lot to chew on after you finish it.

The Marvel Universe was always cooler, because it used our world, our cities, and in Omega it gets the most real than it probably ever had. After James-Michael had his own display of power in the first issue he goes to live with his nurse and her roommate. And possibly for the first time in a Marvel book, human shit is mentioned. ( Human Shit is my new band, I don’t blame you for not listening, we stink )


Marvel, the world outside your door. No shoes in the house. I just realized that panel comes from issue #2.

Anyway, I put these issues together so I could get on with the rest of the series. Not to say that nothing happens in these issues, I just want to get through it. The Hulk shows up. And Electro. Omega stops a robbery, gets shot (which hurts James-Michael), and gets a place to stay with the old man he helped. Omega is able to hold his own against The Hulk, but gets dropped by Electro. Weak against bullets and electricity? Marvel heroes are just like us.

What is James-Michael up to in this issues? Well, after leaving his house for the first time, getting into a car accident that kills his parents, and watching his mother’s severed head talk to him before her face melts off, finding out he has super powers, and going to live with his nurse and her sexy Daily Bugle photographer roommate, heĀ  starts school. These stories are dense, man. And what do you think happens to James-Michael when he meets his first real teacher, in his first real class, at his first real school?


Backhanded by his teacher. Damn. That’s cold shit. He does make friends though with some other kids at the school, the nerdy, uncool kids, and runs afoul of the school bullies. Just when his day is over and he can finally get the hell out of there.


Damn again.
Electro and has Omega to see if he can get him to figure out to get a robot working. Which Omega does, completely by accident, or the third rail on a subway track does for him. So, what would any good super villain do with his new robot? Probably try to fuck it He takes over what is pretty obviously the Muscular Dystrophy Association Telethon, because he’s a dick. Only Omega is there to stop him, and this kid here. This panel is pretty spectacular.


You might say things went cata-dystrophically

So yeah, a lot of stuff goes on. This isn’t why the book is so frustrating, oh no, this is all perfectly good stuff. I just have to get past these issues so we can get on with it. There will be plenty of spoilers ahead.
Coming next: El Gato


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