The best four letter word is Help


Hi, it has been awhile, I love what you’ve done with your eyebrows. Follow me after the jump for some important stuff.

I want to take a (mostly) serious moment here, a point you out there to a fun razor fundraiser for a cool person in need of some help. I’m not 100% sure when I started following Lela Gwenn on Twitter, and though calling her a friend may be stretching the truth a bit, she is a great person to follow, as a writer,  comics fan, or a genuinely funny person. She’s one of the best parts of my feed. Remember all the way back to the title of this post where I mentioned the h-e-single hockey stick word?

Lela has stage 4 Endometriosis and needs surgery. She has set up a gofundme here all I ask is that you help if you can and please share the link, or this post, the important thing is the link. I’m not good at being serious, and I still deal with serious things by making horribly inappropriate jokes, which is why this post was nearly called Rollin’ down the street smokin’ Endo or The Uncanny X-Cision, but I couldn’t bring myself to do that.

Please pass the link on.


PS- A couple episodes ago on the podcast, I asked for any good thoughts or prayers to be sent to my Mom, but didn’t say too much for what reason. About 3 years ago she had a knee replacement surgery, there were difficulties. After 6 surgeries over these last few years, an infection lingered. The only thing that would fix it, according to the Dr’s was amputation. A couple of weeks ago, they did an above the knee amputation, and things looked better. Until they didn’t. Unfortunately the infection still appears to be there. (Which sort of makes the amputation seem unnecessary)
Anyway, just wanted to explain the lack of posts here, I still plan on posting the second half of my Omega: The Unknown piece soon. Please donate to or share Lela’s gofundme

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