Cool Comics And An Invitation


(Note: this was supposed to post Wednesday morning and was written as such, before for whatever reason I lost all internet and cell service yesterday for the entire day)

Good morning to ye! Just wanted to take a moment this morning and point you to a couple cool things around the web and spread the love like gravy. That didn’t sound nearly as disgusting before I typed it out.

First up, Jeff Mitchell (Illoguerillo) has posted 3 of his comics from last year up on his site as free downloads today yesterday, including the super fun one-shot of The Original and if you hurry, you may be able to download those here.

Fifth Dimension Comics has released Obscura Vol. 1 on Comixology, it’s a creepy little book with some great art by DNS and you can pick it up for $0.99 here

The Horror Of Loon Lake is out!.If you remember, we spoke to writer Carl Smith about it in the early days of the project, and have kept an eye on this book all the way through. The book features a ton of great artists and a forward by Kat Morris from The Horror Honeys (great site, great podcast, I love them so bad). I’ll be buying multiple copies of the book so we can give some away, but in the meantime you can order the book here

Grape City Con in Lodi, California is swiftly approaching. I’m excited for us to get our own con here in town. It all goes down on February 8th, tickets are $5 at the door, $4 ahead of time, kids 12 and under are free. Guests set to appear include:

Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake
Dan Brereton
Jean Gomez
Davidson L. Haworth
Lazy Bones Studios (Ken Thomas)
Chris Marrinan
Bordin Marsinkul
Sean Miller
Scattered Comics
Ramon Villalobos
Tim Vigil
Joe Weems
Chris Wisnia

And of course Chris and I will be there, wandering around bugging people, and in my case, giving out free hugs.*

Last but not least, any comics folks with an hour or so free that want to talk for an episode of the podcast we can drop next Monday in between regular episodes of The Gravy Age let me know if we can Skype it up in the next couple of days. Drop an email to of let me know on Twitter where I am @KrisOfGravyAge.


*Not really, hugging me is like hugging a bag of dry sticks, and I wouldn’t want to subject anybody to that


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