Obscura Vol. 1


Howdy! Continuing an unintentional theme (which, I totally don’t mind) let’s take a look at a horror comic from Fifth Dimension Comics, Obscura Vol. 1

Obscura Vol. 1
Words: David M. Brown
Art: D.N.S.
Letters: Sean Fagan

Thanks to everyone who RT’d my request for people to talk to about comics, or people with comics they wanted to get out there, from Fifth Dimension Comics, comes Obscura Vol. 1. Not exactly sure what to expect, I was glad I was told it was a series of Lynchian short stories. Obscura is not so much a continuous story, as 4 short stories, ranging from body horror to a zombie tale, to well, the death of Death. The tales, don’t seem to connect together aside from a symbol that shows up throughout the book. The only problem I have story wise is, is there a connection here, and that’s not a problem so much as me just being curious lol.

The art by D.N.S. works best when leaning towards the grotesque and exaggerated. I was expecting a black and white book, and was pleasantly surprised to see there is a watercolor like wash to the pages that helps with the off kilter, look to the pages, I quite like. I also have to draw special attention to the cover as well as the art for the chapter breaks, which are great full page images, and at the end of the book are some great pinups that tell single image stories in and of themselves.

Like I said, I wasn’t sure what to expect from the book, and I was pleasantly surprised. It’s got some great creepy imagery, some disturbing story ideas. I really liked it.

Go check out their store here, the blog over here and on Twitter @5dComics


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