Hey! You got some gravy in my zombie apocalypse!


I just wanted to say a huge thank you to wild man of podcasting, mad genius, hilarious dude, and legitimately good guy Mad Mock from Z-poc Nation for having me on the newest episode, and playing a clip of us talking about baby rentals. I first met Mock as a guest on the Axehole’s Lounge I did with Axeology a little while back and just about fell out of my chair when Z-poc Nation returned and he mocked the spelling of my name and called me a “communist” and referred to us as a couple of “fat, f*cking monsters,” Mad Mock gets it. He is a larger than life personality, like the best in talk radio, he is a podcast giant. We talked a bit about comics, Captain America and all that good stuff. Also on this episode Mad Mock, “Dooms” Dave, and Professor Paige run through the zombie apocalypse survival bracket along with more classic radio drama. Go check it out! You can find the episode on Stitcher, iTunes, and podomatic. Also go check out the Z-Poc Nation YouTube channel. Thanks again,


It’s National Podcast Day


Today, September 30th is National Podcast Day. I just wanted to take a moment to share some podcasts I dig with with you. Podcasting is often done for no money, and more often costs the people who do it money. Maybe you can’t give all the podcasts you love some money, but you can certainly let them know you listen and you appreciate what they do. I’m going to list a bunch of podcasts I listen to as my way of showing my appreciation to all these cool folks who have provided me with hundreds of hours of free entertainment. Follow me

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