The newest Avengers trailer is all up in this joint!


The new trailer for Avengers: Age Of Ultron just dropped, and it looks freaking awesome! We finally get to see a bit of that Hulk vs Hulkbuster action, some speculation had been that it wasn’t Tony in the armor awhile back, but it sure looks like him piloting it in this trailer. And Hulk looked pretty beat up there. And it makes me wonder, can you have a Marvel team without a redhead being a member at some point? Or two. And that dude is Klaw right? Who was the chick we saw from behind?  Is it May yet? I’m dying to see The Vision.


TGA Podcast Episode 0015 – Comics Con Carne


This week we preview Stockton-Con, recap SDCC announcements, gripe about DC/WB cinematic, and briefly review a few books.

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


Here is the official trailer for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles…



It certainly looks like a movie that cost money to make. Megan Fox is there. The turtles, aside from not looking quite right to me, also have that look of some CGI where they don’t quite seem fully integrated into the movie properly. I wasn’t much impressed with it so I showed my 10 year old son. His response? A wordless shrug. I was probably about his age when the first TMNT movie came out, and I was going out of my mind from the first trailer I saw of that movie, but he has grown up with live-action Transformers, GI Joe, and, I don’t know, Underdog and Smurfs movies… What was my point? Oh right, Megan Fox has really blue eyes, and the turtles are really, really heavy. And big. And that one dude is there too. I know Micheal Bay isn’t directing, but I can only hope his influence extends far enough to some very broad ethnic stereotypes, and jokes about balls.


“Oh my god! These-A big turtles came and ate alla my pizza pie!”

(*asian man shakes head*)

“That is most dishonorable.”

(*old man gets shot in the crotch with teargas canister, building explodes, cars explodes, old man explodes, Megan Fox looks kind of surprised*)

X-Men Days Of Future Past…trailer 2


The new trailer dropped for X-Men Days Of Future Past. The more I see, the more I get excited, and also a bit worried. It is a lot of characters, and I just hope it’s not overstuffed, hopefully a cinematic version of DOFP comes out better than the way all the Phoenix stuff was handled in X3, what turd and a half that movie was…



Who are you looking forward to seeing the most in this? Just give me more Micheal F. Assbender any day of the week.


The new Godzilla trailer is here!


Are you guys(and gals) ready? This looks so freaking cool!


I seriously cannot wait for this, this movie will be the real revenge for that awful movie that came out in 1998 or whatever it was, starring GINO*and Matthew Broderick. Although there was some quite satisfying revenge in Final Wars. And Godzilla looks freaking HUGE!



*GINO- Godzilla In Name Only



Trailers for two upcoming Marvel films were debuted during yesterdays “big game.” I loathe football but LOVE the internet so I waited all of two minutes for them to hit the web. Here they are:

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

This looks pretty dope. Dark and gritty which is exactly how the Winter Soldier’s story should be told (especially when you consider Ed Brubaker wrote a ton of Winter Solder stuff and he is the king of noir, dark and gritty). The costume looks totally legit without looking cheesy. You may have to leave the kiddies at home for this one.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Enemies Unite

Wow. It looks like they’ve shoved more shit in this movie than you would a turducken. It’s long been rumored that the Sinister Six will appear in this movie and based on what we’ve just seen in this trailer that looks to be verified. To include all these element the movie it would have to be, like, Gone With the Wind long, right?  It may sound like I’m hating on the flick, but I am genuinely stoked for it. I’m even willing to set aside my distaste for Jamie Foxx to try and enjoy this flick (I mean really; the dude actually thought he was Ray Charles for a while there).