The new Godzilla trailer is here!


Are you guys(and gals) ready? This looks so freaking cool!


I seriously cannot wait for this, this movie will be the real revenge for that awful movie that came out in 1998 or whatever it was, starring GINO*and Matthew Broderick. Although there was some quite satisfying revenge in Final Wars. And Godzilla looks freaking HUGE!



*GINO- Godzilla In Name Only

Lookie what I got!

superhero gravy boat

Looks like we got us a mascot!


A copy of an image sent to me by a Twitter friend, awesome artist, and all around rad lady @fury_conception

For commissions, original art, Pin-Ups, and comic book art, you can visit her etsy shop here or send her an email at


We should name this guy. Maybe we can start our own awards, The Gravies?