Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


Here is the official trailer for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles…



It certainly looks like a movie that cost money to make. Megan Fox is there. The turtles, aside from not looking quite right to me, also have that look of some CGI where they don’t quite seem fully integrated into the movie properly. I wasn’t much impressed with it so I showed my 10 year old son. His response? A wordless shrug. I was probably about his age when the first TMNT movie came out, and I was going out of my mind from the first trailer I saw of that movie, but he has grown up with live-action Transformers, GI Joe, and, I don’t know, Underdog and Smurfs movies… What was my point? Oh right, Megan Fox has really blue eyes, and the turtles are really, really heavy. And big. And that one dude is there too. I know Micheal Bay isn’t directing, but I can only hope his influence extends far enough to some very broad ethnic stereotypes, and jokes about balls.


“Oh my god! These-A big turtles came and ate alla my pizza pie!”

(*asian man shakes head*)

“That is most dishonorable.”

(*old man gets shot in the crotch with teargas canister, building explodes, cars explodes, old man explodes, Megan Fox looks kind of surprised*)

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