Review: Victor


Superheroes don’t battle in a vacuum, and supervillains care very little for who gets caught in the crossfire, and sometimes a regular man has to try when the guys in tights ain’t getting the job done.

Victor #1
Writer: David M. Brown
Plot/Art/Letters: Shannon Gretzon


Victor from Exspastic Comics is the story of a regular guy who loses it all to a supervillain and decides to do himself, what the heroes have failed to do. While this is far from is superhero comic, it takes place in a superhero universe. And while it’s a tale of revenge, it’s more of a horror story, or even a cautionary tale about revenge. Where Victor is coming from is understandable, what he does though makes him far from heroic.

Writer David Brown and artist Shannon Gretzon reunite for a dark story that is (stay with me here, I’m trying to find the right words to articulate my thoughts) in some ways a post-Watchmen (or post-1986), direct to video, black and white boom, action/revenge comic that is actually kind of disturbing the more I think about it. Well done, fellas.

Victor is available on ComiXology for $0.99 here. Check it out.

5 thoughts on “Review: Victor

  1. It sounds really intriguing as a concept … but why are they called exspastic comics? That’s an interesting choice of name I just wondered if there was a story behind it, any idea?

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