Review: Unit 44 #2


Hey there! Issue #2 of Unit 44 is about to hit, let’s check it out.
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Unit 44 #2
Story & Letters: Wes Locher
Art & Colors: Eduardo Jimenez

Unit 44 #2 cover

Unit 44 #2 by Eduardo Jimenez

The second issue of Unit 44 is going to hit ComiXology tomorrow, and I’ve had the pleasure of reading it ahead of time.

The book continues directly after the last issue, and gives us more information about just what was so important in the titular Unit 44 and why it’s important, as well raising the stakes of the story. I’m enjoying all the Area 51, Roswell nods, and the issue keeps up the humor established from the beginning of the story.

The fun tone of the book is matched perfectly by Jimenez this issue, who gets a chance to alien lifeforms (not from Melmac) and some alien tech, as well as some flashbacks that show some of the characters younger, while still recognizably the characters. As I said before, this is a fun book and I have no problem giving this to my kids to check out. Check out the 5 page preview of issue ##1 here and check back tomorrow for a preview of issue #2. Unit 44 is published by Alterna Comics and can be found on ComiXology tomorrow by clicking here.

Keep an ear out too for a podcast interview with Wes Locher, hopefully before too long, I’ve been having some laptop issues. We recorded one awhile back and either Audacity ate it or the Skype recording program I used is bunk. See ya soon,


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