UNIT 44 #1

Unit 44

Good afternoon Mr. and Mrs. Digital Comics and all the ships at sea! Today we are taking a look at a really fun book from Wes Locher, Eduardo Jimenez, and Alterna Comics. Step inside, walk this way!

You and me, Babe!



(I think I’ve already used this particular Def Leppard joke, oh well, sue me for ripping myself off, like John Fogerty)

Unit 44

Unit 44 #1

Story & Art: Wes Locher
Art & Colors: Eduardo Jimenez

Unit 44 is sci-fi, comedy comic by Wes Locher and Eduardo Jimenez, take a little MIB, a touch of The Tick, throw in some conspiracy theories, some buddy cop animosity between partners, and serve with a twinkle in the eye. Looking for something fun to read instead of The Secret Convergence Of Crisis Wars or whatever the heck is going on over at The Big 2? Good news, Unit 44 is on ComiXology.

The Unit 44 in the title is an off-site storage unit for alien artifacts from Area 51, when the rent for the unit is not paid, the contents are auctioned off. The story is about finding the people who bought the contents of the storage unit, but for me, it’s more about the two Agents, Hatch and Gibson, and their interplay. I had a blast with this book, and can’t wait for my son to read it.

Eduardo Jimenez does a great job, the art has a manga tinge to it, and fits the tone of the book. There is some great “acting” on display from the characters, not just in action scenes, but in the driving of a car, or talking to other characters. If you’re looking for a laugh, give the book a try, it’s on comiXology here. Check it out, it’s fun stuff.


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