Unit 44 Free Preview!


Happy Easter and Passover and whatever else you feel like celebrating today. I did a brief podcast interview with Wes Locher, writer of Unit 44 yesterday, and today I am proud to post a 5 page preview of the book as well as tell you about a deal over at ComiXology today only. Follow me after the jump!

I just recently reviewed Unit 44 here on The Gravy Age and really enjoyed it. Well guess what teens, there are a ton o’ comics from Alterna Comics over at ComiXology today and if you use the code ALTERNA at checkout, you can get 50% off of your books from the publisher. So without further ado, here is a preview of Unit 44 by Wes Locher and Eduardo Jimenez and the fine folks at Alterna Comics. If you use the code it’ll only run you $1.00. Dig it!

Unit 44

Unit 44 #1






Give a look, it’s a really fun book and check out some of the other cool stuff from Alterna Comics on ComiXology.

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