It’s New To Me: Omega: The Unknown #1


I’m going to start a new series for the blog here, for now called It’s New To Me, where I will take a look at older comics I’ve missed out on, somehow never got around to, or just found out about. Or maybe I’ve had them for awhile and didn’t get to them in a Timely Fashion (was that a Marvel joke? Was that a joke?) so let’s kick things off with something I’ve heard a lot about Omega: The Unknown. Strap on your sideburns, hang your coke-spoon necklaces in your thickly matted chest-muff, and lets travel back to the 1970’s when the D-double-E-J-A-Y’s didn’t have to wear headphones to be on the radio (I’m looking at you Dr. Johnny Fever) and people hadn’t started throwing doughnuts at Anne Wilson from Heart yet.

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