Happy 4th of July


Happy 4th of July from The Gravy Age, be safe, try not to blow off your thumbs or testicles tonight. New episode, interviews and more coming soon. Just spent a week up in the mountains while the kiddos had a day camp, haven’t had a chance to read anything at all. What’s coming up? A review of BCWYWF and something special involving our buds at Bayside High And Drunk and some Saved By The Bell Comics.
PS check out the upcoming episode of Axeology for a little song I did to test my Orange Crush 35RT and recording into Ableton with my DigiTech RP360 as a DI box lol

Summer is all up in this joint.


It was 104 yesterday, but it looks like we are getting a bit of a reprieve from the heat here, still, what to do on these hot days? Hide. And check some of this stuff out. Follow me. Stop looking at my butt you degenerate.

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