Summer is all up in this joint.


It was 104 yesterday, but it looks like we are getting a bit of a reprieve from the heat here, still, what to do on these hot days? Hide. And check some of this stuff out. Follow me. Stop looking at my butt you degenerate.

First things first, congratulations to Chris and his blushing bride, they have recently found out they are expecting their first child, The Gravy Baby is coming. #GRAVYBABY

I’m a bit late on this, but over we have a couple of new additions to the High Voltage Radio Network family. Go give Podcast Unknown a listen, I’m doing it as I type this, Check it out brother! (*rips shirt open, snaps into Slim Jim, calls Mom to see if she can sew the buttons back on my shirt*) If wrestling isn’t your thing, check out Rob And Slim

The awesome Adam Warrock just started up his 2015 donation drive, you can get a ton of great tunes by donating, I just did. Go check it out here.

I still want to do my comics decoupage idea, the only thing I really need to do is decide on the pickups I’m going to throw into the guitar, and I’m a bit scared of being able to get things all back together again.

In other guitar news, I got a new amp, and it got here Saturday. I have yet to play too much mith it, but the time I have spent with it has been wonderful. I don’t have a huge budget to work with, and decided to go with the Orange Crush 35RT. First impressions? This thing is outstanding. Four cascading gain stages on the dirty channel makes this this saturate and sound so freaking good. It’s a solid-state amp, but it sounds killer. More on it later.


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