Cool stuff from friends of The Gravy Age!


If you aren’t in Northern California, you may not have seen this story on your news. A young boy by the name of Joey Sinco has been battling brain cancer, the University Of The Pacific and the Make-A-Wish foundation took some time to help Joey feel like the hero he is. You can watch the video here among the things done during the halftime of the game at UOP was a presentation of a custom cover of Joey and Captain America by local creators, and genuinely great guys Sean Miller and Travis Compton from Anchor Comics, who you may remember from one of our early episodes of the podcast where we talked to them a bit about making comics and more. That episode was recorded at my LCS The Launchpad. Which brings to the second thing I wanted to link to.

Mike from The Launchpad has a Kickstarter in progress called Night Of The Bloody Hooks, which is a set of horror themed adventure hooks for table-top RPG’s, they don’t need too much more to go, but if you are a gamer, go give it a look and if you can’t donate, please share. Thanks so much!


Interview with artist Stan Chou


The Gravy Age is proud to present an interview with Stan Chou, an artist on the upcoming The Horror Of Loon Lake anthology coming soon from writer Carl Smith (See our interview with Carl here) to talk Loon Lake, art and more. Join us after the jump!


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