Wonder Woman hits SDCC


So this is the official image of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman in the upcoming Superman v Batman movie, Gritty ‘Splosion Farts or whatever the hell is called (Dawn Of Justice, Donna Justice?) She looks pretty good, I get that some people say she isn’t buff enough. I get people questioning heels on her boots, what I don’t get is scrolling through comments, and one of the very first things I see is shit like, “Ugh, she’s ugly,” seriously people? FUCK. OFF. I don’t have any real desire to see this movie, aside from supporting Wonder Woman and showing DC\WB that people want a WW movie. But seriously, that’s what people have to say? Fuckers. Shit like that bugs me, I have 2 little girls that dig comics and superhero movies, but do I even want to bring them into this fan world? There are a lot of indefensible creeps in comics, and they are loud… But there are more great fans and wonderful people out there. Still, some people should be kicked in the balls.