Hungry for something new to listen to? Let’s Eat Grandma


I finally got me some glasses, so I can actually read and see enough to write again, so I figured I would share an album I am just goofy for. I’m All Ears the new album by Let’s Eat Grandma.

I’m All Ears by Let’s Eat Grandma

For the most part I listen to stoner rock or metal, or instrumental music, at least when it’s up to me, but my favorite thing to do in the morning with my coffee is to bounce around and check things out on Bandcamp. Sometimes an album cover catches my eye, or a band name (Yeah, I’m looking at you Fartbarf) in this case, it was definitely the name. It’s always cool when I find something I wouldn’t normally listen to, it’s even better when I find something that might just be my album of the year.

I knew I stumbled onto something, when my 13 year old daughter wanted to know, “Since when do you listen to good music?” Usually she dismisses my choices in music as, “old man music,” and comes around on stuff when she finds it on her own, even if I have tried to get her to check it out before.

There is something infectious about the songs, they feel like lost 80’s songs with enough experimental, modern touches to keep them from feeling like a nostalgic wank-fest, I guess the real test whether or not you will get down with it or not would be to give a couple of the singles a listen. The second track of the album, Hot Pink is a killer choice for the best single of the album, but pretty much everything here is gold, there are a couple of interludes that are of a different vibe, but they are short, the only one I don’t care for is Missed Call (1) which briefly made me think Bandcamp wasn’t giving me credit for buying the album and was playing hold music, so I guess, good on them. Conceptually it’s kinda funny, and a whole 37 seconds long. It’s Not Just Me is another single, that shows them at their poppier side, but the album is more experimental than you might expect, with a couple of songs breaking the short, pop song formula.

Cool & Collected is 9 minutes of sparse, vibey guitar and the album closer Donny Darko is over 11 minutes long and I still want it to be longer.

So far, this is my album of the year.

Check it out on Bandcamp or wherever you listen to music.


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