Is this thing on?


Hey guys and gals, sorry for the lack of anything lately. Been dealing with some heavy stuff here, but hopefully things are getting better. At least they are for now.

I haven’t been keeping up on new comics, but I have all kinds of stuff to go through, including a whole heaping buttload of John Byrne’s Avengers West Coast if that’s something that might interest you.

Finally got Netflix so I’ve been cramming things on there, so we can get some reviews out of that too.

As for the show, you know as much as I do, but it will be back in some way or form, as well as a new show focusing on the paranormal in tribute to Art Bell. (I’m all about dogmen lately)

Let me know what you guys want to see here, or if you want to write something, get in touch. If you’re a creator looking to talk about a book, we can make it happen. Or we can make fun of the ComicsGate morons. I mean, everyone should, I have missed writing and podcasting so much. Take care,


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