Hipsters vs Rednecks review


Yesterday I posted the 5 page preview of Hipsters vs Rednecks, and today I got to sit down and read the whole book. Follow me past the jump. Or whatever, I don’t care, I was there before this review was even posted.

Hipsters vs Rednecks
Story and Letters: Wes Locher
Art: Tyler Kelting
Primary Target Press


Colored with ink from digital kale, it's totally vegan

I was worried this might be sort of a one-note joke, which wouldn’t be so bad for a one-shot comic, so I’m glad it was actually a pretty damn funny book. It’s about a girl in a post-apocalyptic world where the hipsters have holed up in their compound in New Brooklyn and the rednecks are, I don’t know, redneckin’ it up. There is a funny bit about bands and I legitimately don’t know if they are real, so kudos to Locher to having a character ask if they were even real bands.
The hipsters certainly bear the brunt of the jokes for the most part. Deservedly so. But maybe that’s just me shaking my fist at the youngsters, and complaining that back in my day we had real music (which I wouldn’t do, because Korn and Limp Bizkit were a thing and we all just let that happen) and you call that a haircut? I woulda got the shit kicked outta me if I looked like that. I mean, uh, back to the book.  For a book I was worried couldn’t sustain itself based on the concept initially, my biggest and only real complaint is, it’s over too soon.
I had a blast reading the book. The art nails the fashion and the colors are perfect for the world.

The book is available in print for $3.99 for a print copy or $1.99 digitally over at hipstersvsrednecks.com

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