Free Preview: Hipsters vs Rednecks


New stuff from our friend Wes Locher and artist Tyler Kelting. Grab your PBR, comb you flavor saver, and pluck that banjo (ironically or not, only you know the truth in your heart, but know that EVERYONE is silently judging you anyway. Play the hell outta that thing) Let’s make the jump before we get trapped in another parenthetical.
Yeeeeeee Haaaa!

Hipsters vs. Rednecks

Story and Letters: Wes Locher
Art: Tyler Kelting
Primary Target Press

Hipsters vs Rednecks is a brand new 24 page one-shot that drops tomorrow both in print and digitally, check out some preview pages now.








I don’t know who to root for, I can’t grow facial hair for crap, but I play mandolin so…
You can check the book out and get it in print for $3.99 or digitally for $1.99 over at


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