I’ve been meaning to get to this for awhile, so let’s dig in to some dirty jobs, hard choices, and don’t forget to punch in or you won’t get paid for today.

Be Careful What You Wish For #1
Writers: Carl D. Smith, Jeff Lawler, Susan Lundberg, Jeffrey Ketcham
Art: Geoff Munn, Sean Jones, Nicole Bresner, Stan Chou, Dustin Radtke, Zach Miller, Sarah Luchins, James Heffron
Letters: Geoff Munn, Jeff Lawler, Wes Locher, Zach Miller
BCWYWF logo: Michael Dambold
Editor for The Volunteer, Box Full Of Trouble: Chase Magnett

BCWYWF is a comics sized anthology. Or a throwback ‘zine. Or in truth a bit of both. Yeah, there are short stories in comic book format, but there are also essays, poetry and more. It’s billed as the Tough Jobs issue, and Life As Shukri kicks things off with a day in the life of a shopkeeper in Gaza. There is a bit of melancholy hanging over this book, and it’s not just a book about jobs. It’s about growing up. Living. Learning. I don’t want you to take away that I found this book depressing. Quite the opposite in fact. It is a book that makes you think though.

As with The Horror Of Loon Lake I’m close to this book and several of the creators, but almost everything here was new to me when I read it. And as I said with that book, this is something everybody should be proud of Carl and the gang cross genres, time periods and vastly different styles and touch on faith, sacrifice and duty. The essays make you think, and give you plenty to think about between the panels.

This wasn’t a review. I will say this book is absolutely worth reading, I really dug it. This is a thank you. There are a ton of talented people out there, there are a ton of really great people too. And as always those two types of people are gathered up by Carl. Carl always makes me want to do better, do more and do it from a more truthful place. I hope more people pick up his stuff, he does it because he loves it, and it shows. Go check it out here http://goadkicker.bigcartel.com/


PS- I started working on a piece of music inspired by this. It was beyond my abilities. I will try again or let something new come out of it. If nothing else, Carl always inspires me to try new things and everything is a learning experience and not necessarily a failure.

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