Wasted The Series, 2 Days Left! Push! Push! Push!


Not much time left to vote for Wasted The Series to get the big prize for CineCoup so let’s make a huge push for them right at the end, follow me after the jump for the trailer and a few quick words from producer Lance Fernandez


The Gravy Age: What is Wasted The Series?
Lance: Wasted centres on a group of friends who live out their mundane routines until they the one event they have waited for their entire lives occur, the Zombie apocalypse. A huge happening where it resets the world they live in as they realise that they no longer have any rules, responsibilities and word to adhere to; its time to get Wasted. High adventures through out the Wastedland encountering zombies, monsters and gangs.
Scott Pilgrim meets Mad Max. A hybrid film with a mix of action, comedy, videogames, comic book storytelling and fun.
Wasted is not about the melodrama, it is about embracing the fun side to the apocalypse and how many adventures we can have in a new world.
TGA.  How exactly does the voting work for CineCoup? Is this a contest to help secure funding?
LF: The Cine Coup challenge is a 12 week accellerator which gives filmmakers the chance to showcase their film to potential audiences. We are building a brand and gaining viewers through the idea. In these 12 weeks we are handed out missions to further expand what our project is. Through those 12 weeks the public also interacts with the filmmakers and goes along with the journey.
There are voting periods with the big final voting period happening now, the Top 15. The last public voting period until the judges take over to select 1 film to be given a $1 million dollars in production money and to be shown in cinemas.
Its a great venture for independent filmmakers in branding, promoting and marketing your idea. Which is really hard to do and you wonder why major studios have a big budget. Part of it is filming but also marketing.
Those huge billboards you see with Batman V Superman those cost Warner Bros some fabulous moolah. Imagine that all over the world. It’s a big price.
Here, with the usage of social media it is easier to get our brand across to more people like yourself.
TGA:  Wasted looks like a ton o’ fun, drawing from video games, horror movies, even some good old fashioned slapstick mixed with stoner comedy. What were some of the influences in this mix of genres?
LF: Yes as mentioned it is a hybrid idea. The Wasted world relies heavily on the characters. I think the best zombie, or, genre films really focus on the characters because it is them who we are going on this journey with. Each character in Wasted is different with different point of views. Music plays a heavy role in not only our guys, but, in life alone.
If a person dresses all punk you can tell by the appearance that they like The Dead Kennedys or Rancid. That flows with Wasted. Our lead, Mark, is the hip hop type guy by how he dresses and his shirts. Sid is the more alternative rock person by the way he looks.
Wasted incorporates all these things from the creators like myself, Steve, Sid and the collective.
I like independent horror and underground films my tastes are put into Wasted with that. I love Mortal Kombat and those elements are put in as well.
TGA:  There is a lot of comedy to be mined from horror tropes, especially zombies. Is there any of that going in the other direction? I guess what I mean is, sometimes comedic moments can be horrifying, do you ever find the horror in funny situations?
LF: I think we can have a good balance of the two. Take a look at two of our mission videos for Cine Coup
These two uses a more serious tone which we can do to balance out the comedy. I think Kingsman did it right where it was a really good time but there are moments which really effect you by what happens to the characters.
We want to do the same with Wasted, have a good balance of Action, Comedy, Adventure, Fun, but also, when the time comes, really get at you with the situation. 
TGA:  Where can people find out more information?
LF: The primary place is our Cinecoup page at http://www.cinecoup.com/wasted where you can view all our Mission videos and Vote for us into the Top 15
TGA:  What can they do to help?
LF: The best way to help is by Voting. To vote you have to sign up to CineCoup which is totally free. If you have a facebook account it is the same deal where you put in your name and email address. You will receive a notification email to verify your profile.
When you do just fill out the rest of the information such as where you are from, age, and a profile pic.
After just FOLLOW our project, Wasted.
With our Mission videos Rate them out of 5 stars, leave Comments, Share them on Facebook and/or Twitter
Right now VOTE by clicking on the VOTE FOR THIS PROJECT tab on the top right.
Share it with your friends and family
It really is a big community effort. If you really like our project and find a keen interest, you two have a part in it in getting it made.
Our guarantee is to deliver a really fun film. Something where you can enjoy it on and on again but in order to do that we need your support and votes.
So, lets get Wasted!
Wasted looks like a total blast guys and gals give it a look and lets give them a push over these last couple days! Thanks Lance, sorry it took so long. Please vote and share you guys!

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