TGA Podcast Episode 0036 – Hammaconda


The boys talk about Iceman’s sexuality, Avengers 2 burn-out, tone-deaf actors, Sweet Tooth, Joker test shots, the Deadpool finale, and Stan Lee.

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3 thoughts on “TGA Podcast Episode 0036 – Hammaconda

  1. Andy from Axeology

    Do you think Renner and Evans really should of apologized. I mean they were commenting on the character and not the actress, though being that the internet yahoos couldn’t see a difference they were forced to go this route whilst having a fun promotional interview.. Just a thought.

    • Yeah… I think with Black Widow being the only real female hero in the MCU. My issue was less what was said, but the tone of Renner apologizing through his publicist like “Sorry YOU got offended” at least Evans had balls enough to apologize personally

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