Low #4 and #5, Arkham Manor #3 and Cyclops #8


It’s the weekend! Time for my pipe, smoking jacket and some fine literature.

Low #4 & #5

Publisher: Image Comics

Story By: Rick Remender
Art By: Greg Tocchini
Cover By: Greg Tocchini

Stel and Marik must pass through the Third City to reclaim the probe promising another world capable of sustaining life. Little do they know this city has been overrun by pirates. Pirates they have history with.

This book just gets more and more amazing with each issue. If I had to assign a genre to the series it would be sci-fi nautical post apocalyptic. The art has that weird pencils and watercolor look that kind of muddies up the book yet sets the tone at the same time. Now that issue #5 is out we should see a trade soon. Definitely read this. BTW – NSFW.

Arkham Manor #3

Publisher: DC
Story By: Gerry Duggan
Art By: Shawn Crystal
Cover By: Shawn Crystal

Wayne Manor has replaced Arkham Asylum but Bruce is still a resident. He’s in deep cover as a patient of Gotham’s new asylum in hopes of discovering who’s killing its other residents. While he feels certain he knows who the killer is, this is the issue where he finds out he could be dead wrong.

So far the best part of this book is Bruce’s killer `stache. Sam Elliot would be hella jelly. While the art is better suited for something like Archie By Midnight the story definitely has me wanting more.

Cyclops #8

Publisher: Marvel
Story By: John Layman
Art By: Javier Garron
Cover By: Alexander Lozano

Scott Summers is still serving aboard the Desolation, a pirate ship captained by one of his dad’s biggest enemies Valesh Malafect. Scott is sent with a raiding party to pillage a medical supply ship which actually turns out to be a Shi’ar vessel carrying very dangerous cargo. The Starjammers have been captured by bounty hunters, Scott’s dad (Corsair) is in the brig of the Desolation (still dying), and Scott has do bad things to maintain his cover as the Starjammers betrayer. Things aren’t looking good.

While this book has undergone some creative shake-ups I still really dig it. I like it better when Scott and Corsair are off exploring together, but I’m sure we’ll get back to that soon. Also in this issue is some sweet inter-species smooching. Nothing weird about that. First trade of this title should be out by now. I’d check this one out from the library. Those still exist, right?

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