High Voltage!


As mentioned on the latest episode of the podcastThe Gravy Age has joined forces with awesome High Voltage Radio Network to be part of a network of kick-ass independent podcasts. Let’s take a minute to see who else is part of the family.

Attack of the Fangirls is hosted by Andrea and Tabi and they discuss all the things that geeks them out and makes them giggle. If you like topics like retro video games, Star Wars, Hunger Games, Doctor Who, and all things to geek out about, then this is the show for you!

Must Hate Zombies is an edgy and in-your-face dating show designed to help you find your mate in the event that the zombie apocalypse ever happens. Guy Cain hosts this wild and off the wall podcast!

Let’s meet another show. Mustache Cash Stash is a hilarious show hosted by Compton Eric and friends. They review and discuss beer, video games, and comics. You can find their show on itunes and Stitcher and give their page and like. Make sure to subscribe.

Mr. Throwback Thursday is a podcast hosted by Jamie and Bill. They highlight the best in old school hip hop. So find their show on iTunes and Stitcher and subscribe. Give their page a like too! Check check check it out!

There is some sort of comics podcast called The Gravy Age, which just based off the name alone you can tell is a good show. All kidding aside, we are humbled and honored to be asked to part of the family.

Which brings us to Axeology an awesome guitar podcast. Music, news, gear, everything guitar related, I’ve gotten to nerd out quite a bit thanks to this show, it seriously makes me want to be a better guitar player. And it’s also where I was introduced to…

Z-Poc Nation the radio drama, comedy, survival, zombie podcast that reduces me laughing so hard I cry over and over.

There ya go, the High Voltage family. Check these shows out, and spread the word.


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