Let’s cover 2015 in Gravy!


What’s coming up in 2015? Be part of an awesome new year!


Hey, comics folk, now that things have calmed down a bit behind the scenes (assorted medical things, family stuff, computer issues) let’s get ready for the new year. As soon as my laptop is fixed, I want to start the push. Do you have a cool book you want to promote? Are you a writer, artist, inker, colorist, editor that would like to be interviewed on the site or on a podcast of some sort? Maybe you feel like writing something comics or pop culture related. Do you have a book you want reviewed? Are you looking to get married for citizenship purposes love? Let’s make it happen Cap’n, get in touch with us through here, shoot us an email thegravyage@gmail.com or stop by and say hey on the twitter machine. And please share this post, let’s smother 2015 in The Gravy Age!

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