Happy Holidays from The Gravy Age


Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, or whatever you choose to celebrate this time of year. It’s not about the gifts, or whatever, it’s about giving what you can, the most important thing being giving your love to those in your life. Even the people you’ve never met, all those wacky wonderful internet friends. Every day is a gift and so many of you have made this year amazing. So for my Christmas, I want to take a minute and just say thanks to everyone that has stopped by the site or listened to the show this year. Big thanks to my co-host Chris, his amazing, supportive, funny wife Mariah. Thanks to my kids for being awesome. Thank you to Jessica, my friend and secret weapon in life, I love you Jess, I’m so proud of you. Mad Mock & Dave from Z-Poc Nation, love the show. The Axeology crew. Neil & Annalise Annalies, and their amazing show Dark Angels & Pretty Freaks. The Didn’t Read It crew, Ben, Matt, & Sam. Everyone we’ve interviewed for the site, especially Dale Lazarov for bringing all those (rock hard) clicks to the site. Huge thanks to Carl Smith for putting me in touch with a bunch of amazing creators, and lots of inspiration. Jeff & Graeme from Wait, What? Amish Baby Machine brought so many laughs, and I still laugh about a certain Ginger Baker tweet lol. Seven Days A Geek, Green Up, Graphic Novice.
Lot’s of love to the amazing Horror Honeys ladies, especially Kat, Linnie, Katie & Lisa. My dog Kirby for being a funny looking thing. The awesomely sweet Leslie, for being the best. Mike & the crew at The Launchpad, my LCS here in Lodi. Hardluck Kings for making affordable, kick-ass guitars, seriously, check them out! There are so many more of you out there, but I’ve got 2/3 kids awake and dying to get Christmas under way.


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