TGA Podcast Episode 0022 – America’s Hat


This week the boys share their podcast set-up in hopes of getting more people podding. Got any podcasting questions? Let ‘em know. They are in no way experts but are more than happy to share their experiences. They also kinda recap Gotham, Arrow (insert dry-heave), Flash, Agents of SHIELD and Constantine. WB/DC’s lack of sticktoitiveness is put under a microscope. Additionally bad Canadian zombie jokes are made and we find out Marvel is run by a turbo-dick. Finally, we listen to a message from the one and only Mad Mock! Look for Mad Mock over at Z-Poc Nation.

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As always, we would appreciate hearing any feedback or criticisms you may have that will help us improve the show. E-mail us at, leave a comment below, or call us at (209)625-9018 (long distance charges may apply (yadda yadda yadda)) . We may use your comments on a future episode.

Thanks and enjoy.


3 thoughts on “TGA Podcast Episode 0022 – America’s Hat

  1. Guy Cain

    Great show.
    That Mock guy is a real a-hole. The wings are an essential part of Captain America’s costume. Without them he’d just….
    …ahhh…who am I kidding. The wings are just stupid.
    How do you feel about Ninja High School?

    • I was just thinking about Ninja High School the other day, I was a huge fan back in the day. I loved NHS, as a matter of fact it was a Ninja High School 3-D special that really introduced me to “that’s what she said,” jokes lol

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