Cool Stuff, Yo


Hi teens, just wanted to stop by and say hi, and say thanks for listening and reading, and give a couple shout-outs to some cool folks.

First off, big thanks to The Game Huntress for all the RT’s and sticking with the show, and pointing folks are way through her blog. She talks games, movies and assorted geekiness here. I dig her interviews too, may have to do one.

Not necessarily geek related, but go check this Etsy (Rags & Old Iron) shop run by a friend of mine for some really cool prints, earrings, necklaces. Good stuff for horror fans too, tell her Kris sent ya.

Like X-books? Especially Claremont era X-books? Go check out the Gentlemen Of Leisure for issue by issue reviews of X-Men, X-Factor, New Mutants, Excalibur, as well as TV and assorted other stuff, You can kill hours upon hours here, I have and do frequently.

Like trying to explain continuity errors in comics. Or reading other people do it for you in extremely well researched theories? Go give How Would You Fix..? a read. Great stuff.

And last one for today, I doubt he needs any introduction, but go check Too Dangerous For A Girl, where Martin Gray does great reviews of comics, mostly DC, and is just a super nice dude. He is one of the reasons I wanted a blog in the first place, so go visit one of the best.

Just wanted to say thanks to some cool folks, and point you guys (and gals) to some cool sites. Thanks again.


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