The Marvel Universe Is Ending! Sort of. Not really. But, It Totally is! Not.


Marvel Comics announced today at Mid-Town Comics in New York City, that the Marvel Universe as we know it is coming to an end in a¬†shocking¬†(Here is the video and much more over at Newsarama) announcement exactly the way we all figured this would go down. When we were recorded the podcast last night we talked about it, and one of us (Me) pretty closely said what this was going to be. Personally I don’t think this is really as big of a deal as when DC started the whole New-52 thing, most likely because what DC had over Marvel previously was the sense of Legacy, heroes died, new heroes stepped in to feel those shoes and became amazing characters on their own. I don’t know if I’m just burnt out and cynical, but this is hardly news. So Marvel can incorporate characters from the Ultimate Universe, or whatever other version of the MU with the 616 in a New Universe. This will probably help them take characters off the table they don’t have the film rights to and massage the Inhumans into everything else in place of mutants. While people are furiously clicking mice, and typing away, I will be hovering and watching from the sidelines to see what happens, using the Terrigen Mist derived power of flight by doing jerk-off motions with both hands. Put Al Ewing on some big stuff Marvel.