TGA Podcast Episode 0018 – Mortified


This episode the guys discuss plot details for Avengers: Age Of Ultron, Howling Commandos, Batman’s new gunship of a Batmobile, the reunion of Blue and Booster, Charles Soule writing exclusively for Marvel, and a very dry DC cinematic world. Chris also gives Kris the Miyagi or Yoda quiz and through computations using all the complex scientific algorithms over at Seventeen Magazine we find out what Kris should do after prom.

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TGA Podcast Episode 0016 – Growing Up Lamas


Sah-weet 16! This week Kris & Chris talk Stockton-Con 2014, Man of Steel, Guardians of the Galaxy, DC Editorial shaking things up, Sony’s female lead, and the Star Wars rerelease Lucas swore couldn’t happen. Sorry folks, but there’s a lotta S-Bombs this time. I blame Man of Steel. Continue reading