Red Angel Dragnet an interview with Eric Palicki



I took a quick moment to speak with Eric Palicki about Red Angel Dragnet a graphic novel in the last couple days seeking funding through Kickstarter. Tighten your belt, we’re about to jump

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TGA Podcast Episode 0017 – The Italian Job


Welcome to our second ever podcast a la Skype! Tonight we discussed Donald Glover as Miles Morales, Archie’s Stan Goldberg passing, SciFi movie tropes, more Guardians of the Galaxy, the return of The Tick, and the Union Street Choir Kickstarter. Finally, we talk about a very controversial variant cover recently commissioned by Marvel Comics.  To help us better understand the issue at hand we Skyped in a special guest who is very close to the matter. This you will not want to miss! Continue reading

Unit 44 & More an interview with Wes Locher


Howdy folks, in what I am hoping becomes a regular feature here at The Gravy Age, we are very proud to present our interview with Wes Locher regarding his new project Unit 44, plus more great stuff. Follow me past the jump. Walk this way.   Continue reading

Let’s get together


Hi teens, do you have a project you would like to spread the word about? We are always on the lookout for new and exciting comic books and creators to talk to. Do you have a book to promote? Maybe you have a podcast where you talk about comics? Perhaps you have a kickstarter project you would like to spread the word about? Want to holler about a webcomic you are putting out there? Maybe you are an artist looking to sell your beautiful work? We are fans of people who are out there doing their thing and love to support the people out there doing what they love. Feel free to contact us at Let’s get together and spread the word.