TGA Podcast Episode 0006 – Homicidal Breakfast Burrito




We are back on schedule! This week we discuss a bunch of first issues, a bunch of last issues, Manga panty shots, The Original signing on April 16 at Empire’s Comic Vault in Sacramento, and a Gravy Age campaign to get a Kelly Sue Deconnick Spider-Woman book. We have a special co-host this episode; Chris’s deviated septum (which won’t stop whistling). Continue reading

TGA Podcast Episode 0002


We made it to a second episode! This time Chris plays the role of eugoogoolizer when remembering the late Morrie Turner. Kris accuses Chris of doin’ the Hinckley on Jeff Lemire. There’s some movie stuff and some comic stuff…yada yada yda. You can listen by either clicking here or by using the player below.

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