TGA Podcast Episode 0043 – The Diggle


Reunited! This week the boys are back in the same room talkin’ `bout broken bones, Disney and Disneyland, fanboys and boobs, wrestling with race, Star Wars moichendizing, a change in the MCU creative org-chart, and armchair activism and its impact on art. They also giggle at Diggle and say farewell to Wes Craven.

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Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer! Yes, it’s everywhere already!



The internet was on fire with turgid nerds this morning (from now on, nerd-boners shall be referred to a ‘nerdgidity’) you can gauge just how Nerdgid everyone is by all the people typing IN ALL CAPS AND SO MANY EXCLAMATION POINTS!!! But yeah, this trailer is pretty exciting, I’m still nerdgid from first seeing the Millennium Falcon that first time. Stay tuned to Gotham for my new character Vinnie “Millennium”  Falcone. Anyway, what did you think? I was fully expecting to get Rick-rolled again, so it made me happy to actually see some footage. So many nerd babies will be conceived today.